I have studied and written about Latin America. I gained a Master’s in Latin American Studies from Goldsmith’s College/ILAS in London and completed a Ph.D. on the theme of Mexican nationalism at Queen Mary, University of London, where I also briefly taught. When my students weren’t either asleep or in the pub, they mostly said I was a good lecturer.

I have published six books about Latin American politics and occasionally write for various publications about the region.


A classic for your bookshelf. Poetry about the world’s greatest rebel. Che in Verse (2007, Aflame Books).


Politics Latin America (3 edn, 2017, Routledge)

Environmental Security in Latin America (June 2017, Routledge)

Políticas del medio ambiente en América Latina y el Caribe (Spanish edn, Kindle, ‎2020 UNAM Dirección General de Publicaciones y Fomento Editorial)

Environmental Politics in Latin America and the Caribbean [two volumes] (2014, Liverpool UP)

The Reinvention of Mexico (2010, Liverpool UP)

Che in Verse (2007, Aflame Books)


Read Che in Verse, 2007, at the Internet Archive

A Constitution Corrupted, 2017, NACLA