My stories are as diverse as the quirky nooks and crannies of my wild imagination.

In general, I like to explore the emotions, thoughts and language of characters who, like me, do not claim to be special in any way and are otherwise forgettable. This is because I believe it is the little people at the bottom of the pile who make the world turn, and I dislike celebrity, self-importance and all forms of elitism. I create moments in my characters’ lives where ordinary choices may have extraordinary consequences.

This is certainly the case in my first novel, Molly Path, a story for young adults published by Hawkwood Books about a teenager who refuses to go to school.

I have tended to avoid historical fiction, partly because I believe there is far too much of it and partly because I’d rather look sideways or forwards than backwards. However, every rule is there to be broken and I have also written about a few historical characters who have insipred me. Again, I find myself drawn to little people whose actions may have big implications.

I would like to think my fiction is influenced by Irish writing, which is one of my main interests, and my own family’s background in Liverpool—but that’s not for me to say.


Review of Molly Path, by Felicity Goodall, PaperBound magazine, Issue 9, Autumn 2022


Molly Path . . . my YA novel available in bookshops


Some of my stories are published online, others in print. You can read my work at Fictle on Substack, and I invite you to subscribe for free to receive items straight to your inbox.


The Rains, 2nd place, Bedford Writing Competition 2021

Face to Face, Winner, Ovacome Writing Competition 2021

The Sock Phantom, Elmbridge Literary Competition 2022

The Table, Solstice Literary Magazine (US) 2022

The Book Inside My Father, Roi Fainéant 2022

The Oaths, 3rd place, Fiction Factory Short Story Competition 2022/23

In print:

With those eyes, Listowel Writers Week 2019 Winners’ Anthology

Liverpool Scotland, Ireland’s Own Writing Competition 2021 Winners’ Anthology (forthcoming)

Troy, Grindstone Literary Competition Winners’ Anthology 2021 (forthcoming)

The Rains, The Bedford Competition, Anthology of Prizewinning Stories, 2021

Boodgie, No Parties magazine, Issue 3, September 2022 


Face to face, Winner, Ovacome Writing Competition 2021

The Rains, 2nd Place, Bedford Writing Competition 2021

The Sock Phantom, Highly Commended, Elmbridge Lit Comp 2022

The Oaths, Fiction Factory Short Story Competition 2022/23